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Chinese Rug Reweaving

No Chinese rug can maintain its original aspect forever, especially if it is old and used intensely. There will be a moment when you will need to look for a specialist in Chinese reweaving in New York in order to help you restore the looks of your Chinese rug. 

Why Reweaving?

It is common knowledge that small tears or holes can appear in a Chinese rug because of aging and furniture placement. Because of this, your rug will probably need a special treatment and our team of experts located in New York City will patch the rug in cases of significant damage or strengthen the surface by embroidering stitching for the holes. 

The Best Reweaving Solutions

Our specialists improved these techniques over the years, being able to offer today the best solutions for holes repair, in many cases by attaching new cords to the original warp and wefts of the rug. Because is a time-consuming procedure, the period needed for such a service will depend on the surface of the affected area, the fiber density and the design. 

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