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Chinese Rug Fringing

Fringing repair is one of the most common requests we get from our clients.  That happens because fringes are the first parts of a Chinese rug to get destroyed. Due to the fact that fringes are part of the rug structure and have a decoration reason as well, you should bring it to a Chinese fringing repair specialist in New York.

The Best Chinese Fringing Repair Team in NY

Our team of specialists will advise you about the options you have for a Chinese rug fringing repair, taking into account the damage levels. If almost all the fringes are in place, an overcast stitch will strengthen the foundation threads and thus future problems will be avoided. 

Making the Rug New Again 

In some cases, all the fringes must be completely replaced, but you can rest assured that the experts we employ will proceed with almost care in order to bring Chinese rug back to its original aspect.  

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